A Warm Welcome to our Visitors


On arrival at the Club the head of the visiting party should introduce himself to the bar staff in the small bar, the door of which is directly in front of you when you enter the main entrance hall.

Staff Gratuities

Members of staff do not accept personal gratuities; however, our staff will do all they can to make your visit to us a memorable occasion and, if you are pleased with their efforts, we would welcome your decision to pay a gratuity to be divided amongst all the staff.

Dress Code

On the course golfers must wear smart casual clothing and recognised golf shoes. Shirts must have collars and, if dressed in shorts, golfers are expected to wear knee length stockings. Jeans of any sort are not permitted.

In order to use public rooms in the Clubhouse club rules require gentlemen members to wear a jacket and tie and their ladies are requested to dress to an equivalent standard. In order to avoid embarrassment we would be grateful if visitors to the Club dressed similarly.


Visitors are reminded that under the “Smoking in Certain Premises Act (Scotland) 2006”, smoking is banned in any area of the Clubhouse.

Tee Times

Exact tee times are not allocated but visitors are likely to start their round within 5 minutes or so of the approximate starting time on the confirmation letter. You may be asked to start from the first, 5th or 13th tee but these are all close to the Clubhouse.


Luffness New Golf Club Ltd is not liable for the property of visitors, so please look after your property at all times and do not leave visible valuables in unattended cars.

Slow Play & Etiquette

The enjoyment of a round of golf can be destroyed by slow play. Please be aware of players in front and behind and if you are holding players up or there is a gap of a hole in front please let players through.

Mobile Phones

Mobile telephones are not permitted to be used in the Clubhouse or on the course itself, unless in emergency.

Personal Liability Insurance

A few years ago an incident at Niddrie Golf Club resulted in damages being awarded to a bystander who had been struck in the eye by a golf ball. Damages were awarded both against the golfer hitting the shot and against the golf club. Whilst Luffness New Golf Club is covered fully for third party liability, members and visitors are advised that the onus for personal liability remains with the individual. In consequence you are advised that any golfer playing at Luffness New must ensure, before play, that he/she has adequate third party insurance cover.


The Club does not employ caddies; however, visitors may book caddies directly through “Caddy Hire Ltd” a company approved by the Club to provide caddies directly to golf visitors. Bookings may be made either by telephoning Craig on 07576-198984, by e-mail to craiggalloway@caddyhire.com or through the Caddy Hire website www.caddyhire.com.