A Warm Welcome to our Visitors

Visitor Tee Times

Visitors are welcome to play the course on the following days subject to availability.  Please note we do not operate with a tee booking system and you are likely to be asked to start your round within 5 minutes or so of your starting time.  You may be asked to commence your round from the 1st, 5th or 13th tee but these are all located in close proximity to the Clubhouse.

For those visitors who wish to enjoy the dining facilities in the Clubhouse you would require to tee off no later than 10.30am in morning and no earlier than 2.30pm in the afternoon.

Monday:              9.30am to 12.30pm & 2pm to 3.30pm

Tuesday               10am to 11.30am & 2.30pm to 3.30pm

Wednesday        10am to 11.50am & 2.30pm to 3.30pm

Thursday              10am to 11.50am & 2.30pm to 3.30pm

Friday                    10am to 11.50am & 2pm to 3.30pm

Saturday              No Visitor Bookings

Sunday                 10.00am to 11.50am & 2pm to 3.30pm


On arrival at the Club, please check in with the bar staff in the casual bar, the door of which is directly in front of you when you enter the main entrance hall.

Dress Code

On the Course

We expect golfers to wear formal golfing attire, including the wearing of recognised golf shoes.  For gentlemen golfers who choose to wear tailored shorts whilst on the course they are required to wear knee length socks.  Jeans are not permitted.

In the Clubhouse

Pre 9.45am, visitors may use all areas of the Clubhouse in golfing attire.

After 9.45am. gentlemen are required to wear jacket and tie in the Smoke Room, North Lounge and Dining room.  Ladies should be dressed in a complementary manner.

Please note no golf shoes, waterproofs, wind tops, outdoor coats or headgear of any kind are allowed in the Smoke Room at any time.

Slow Play & Etiquette

The enjoyment of a round of golf can be destroyed by slow play.  Please be aware of players in front and behind and if you are holding players up and there is a gap of in front please let other golfers through.

Irrespective of group size we would expect a round of golf here should take no more than 3 hours and 30 minutes.

Staff Gratuities

Our staff will do all they can to make your visit to us a memorable occasion.  It is our policy that members of staff do not accept personal gratuities, however if you are pleased with their efforts, we would welcome your decision to pay a gratuity and this will be divided amongst all staff.

Mobile Phones

The use of mobile telephones to make or receive calls is prohibited in the Clubhouse or on the Course unless in an emergency.

Calls may be made, if necessary, anywhere out with the Clubhouse.

Smartphones may be used in the Clubhouse when being used as an electronic diary.  Texting or accessing the internet on a smartphone or any other electronic device is prohibited in the Clubhouse or on the Course.


Luffness New Golf Club Ltd is not liable for the property of visitors, so please look after your property at all times and do not leave valuables unattended in the locker room.

Personal Liability Insurance

A few years ago, an incident at Niddrie Golf Club resulted in damages being awarded to a bystander who had been struck in the eye by a golf ball.   Damages were awarded both against the golfer hitting the shot and against the golf club.   Whilst Luffness New Golf Club is covered fully for third party liability, members and visitors are advised that the onus for personal liability remains with the individual.   In consequence, you are advised that any golfer playing at Luffness New must ensure, before play, that he/she has adequate third-party insurance cover.


The Club does not employ caddies, however should you require a caddy we will endeavour to accommodate your request but this cannot be guaranteed.

Pull Trolleys can be hired on the day at a cost of £5.00 per round.

Buggies are available to visitors with medical conditions only and can be requested at the time of booking and the cost for 18 holes is £40.00.

If you have any further questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact Mary Lou Watkins, Assistant Secretary by e-mail to office@luffnessnew.com